Treasure Trail Maps

Treasure trail maps.

Treasure trail maps are a company that provide routes around towns, cities and villages, incorporating everyday signage and structures in their clues.

How To Get One:

Pick the location in which you want to do the trail. Both of our treasure trails have been completed on holiday, so we could explore the areas in a different way.

Pay £6.99 regardless of map or location.

Download your map of choice and print or receive it in the post. The maps are free to download or pay £1.49 for postage within 2-3 days.

Make sure it is all in order! The clues are in number order to help you along.

Get Solving!

Follow the directions given in order of the clues and get solving!

The directions will take you on a journey to things you wouldn’t normally think to look at. Hidden names in walls. Sculptures staring at you in the face that you’d never normally notice.

Don’t forget a pen! As you go along, mark off the answers on the back of the map.

The clues can be quite cryptic so think outside the box sometimes. One of our answers was a name on a drain cover, which really wasn’t expected.

Kids can 100% get involved by finding the clues in the pictures. On the map there will be a few pictures of things to find.

If you find things tricky, there is a phone number to text that will give you the answer to a clue.

Once you find the answer, enter it into the prize draw to win £100!

Our Experience

I absolutely love this company. We have done 2 trails so far, the first was a ‘whodunnit’ in Llandudno and the second was a coastal walk in Cornwall, treasure map style. I think the whole concept is so clever with how the clues tie in to landmarks or sign posts, or even silly carvings in the walls of buildings.

I will be downloading one for the 6 week holidays of our home town. Such a cheap and cheerful way to get outside and to keep the brain engaged too.

Please check out treasure trails for maps in your local area and beyond!

**not sponsored, and entirely my own opinions.  


  1. What a fantastic resource for families! These treasure trail maps are a great way to engage kids in outdoor exploration and make family outings even more exciting.

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