Posh Popcorn Perfect For Picnics

Posh Popcorn Perfect for Picnics.
Picnics are our staple weekend activity. With every hike, walk or ramble, there is a picnic packed away to feed the masses. Staple ingredients include sandwiches, or wraps if we’re feeling fancy! Crisps, chocolate bars and some fruit to make sure we keep to our 5 a day!

Plastic Free

As of late, we are aiming to keep our picnics as plastic free as possible, changing our plastic tubs to bamboo ones. We aren’t throwing away our plastic ones willy nilly by the way. We are replacing them as and when they are needed. No point in throwing them just because they are plastic; that’s just adding to the problem, isn’t it!

Good Quality

We are changing items to good quality makes and try to buy from independent sources and small businesses.

Our sandwiches are wrapped in beeswax wraps rather than sandwich bags, which are environmentally friendly and can be reused time and time again.

So with our switch to quality storage items, what about our food? As we tend to walk miles at a time, and have 3 hungry, flourishing, energetic children, we need to make sure their nourishment is on point.

Posh Popcorn Perfect for Picnics

We were sent some crisps and popcorn to try from the British Snack company. I love my savoury snacks and was pleased with the samples we were sent. The crisps are made from British potatoes and are hand cooked in the UK. The farm they are made on grows it’s own potatoes and is powered by renewable sources. The crisps not only taste good, but do good, too. Likewise, the popcorn are popped right here in the UK and have a great range of flavours. Caramel & Espresso, Sweet and Salty, Sea Salt and Sour Cream and Black Pepper. My favourite has to be the classic Sweet and Salty!

The snacks are both vegan and allergen free which is a big plus in this house for our allergy boy. He is happy to be getting a great tasting snack that he can enjoy.

If you would like to purchase British, good quality, hand made snacks, head over to the British Snack company stockists here.

Or, you can buy directly from British Snack Co themselves. Why not try a great British business for a great tasting snack to enhance your picnics!

Disclaimer: We were gifted the snacks as part of a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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