Wichenford Breeze Air Tent Review

Wichenford Breeze Air Tent Review.
Camping. We love to camp. We have gone from a pokey 2 man tent when I was pregnant, far too many moons ago! To a four man, then finally a big 12 man tent when we became a family of 5. Shopping for nifty storage items became a habit, as did finding meal ideas for an allergy child, and great UK destinations to stay in. We then started looking into wild camping, and quickly got hooked doing that too. Not with the big tent, of course!

Wichenford Breeze Air Tent

We were recruited by OLPRO earlier this year to become an ambassador and were given a tent to take with us on our next trip. It came at just the right time as our big, steel poled tent was up over the hot tub during lockdown, and got ripped by one of the cats jumping on the roof.

Our new tent is the Wichenford Breeze 8 Berth Tent, and we were particularly excited because it is the first air tent we have owned. Our old tent, although fantastic in most areas, had the heaviest steel poles and took up so much room.

10 Minute Set Up

Excited to try it out, we popped to the bottom of the garden and timed ourselves putting it up. Within 10 minutes, the footprint was laid out, tent pegged in the corners, and beams fully inflated. I honestly cannot believe how quick and easy the process was. On first impressions. everything seemed very stable and the air beams are super solid.

The pump is included with the tent (you have to unravel the tent to find it!) and was simple enough for even our 6 year old to use. A few pumps on each beam and the tent is up and ready to be tied down. I would recommend somebody lifting the beams up as they are being inflated to allow them to get to their proper position. Zippered ‘pockets’ cover up the inflation points to keep the tent looking tidy.

Package Options

If you have the Winchenford Breeze as a package, a footprint/groundsheet is included which helps protect the bottom of the tent. It is very thick and has peg holes to keep it from going anywhere. You can also purchase this separately.

Also with the package, is a carpet to fit the interior living area and an extension piece, also with groundsheet. We used the extension as a kitchen area. When the nights draw in, we can close the door off and all the mess is out of the way!

Bedroom Layout

Inside the main tent area are 2 inner bedrooms that are attached separately. One is a large open room and the other is split down the middle. These give ample room for bedrooms and fit us 5 in quite well. Our eldest son had one portion to himself, while the little ones shared, and us adults had the larger area with the suitcases. I like how the bedrooms hang away from the outer walls of the tent. It makes the tent feel warmer, and less chance of bugs getting in!

On an aesthetic point of view, the tent looks good. I like the colour scheme, especially the fluorescent ties. They are also thick like luggage straps and laid out in a way that is uniform and tidy in triangles. The zips are good and chunky, allowing for extra tugging if needed.

Other small features are:

  • Light hook in both bedrooms and main central area.
  • Straps along the central beam inside to attach electrical cable for a ‘big light’!
  • An opening at the bottom of the tent for your electric hook up.
  • Clear ‘windows’
  • Vents that open all round the tent for airflow.
  • Doors on either side, dependant on your site set up.
  • Poles included to create a porch area with either doorway.

The only thing that concerned us, was when it was raining, the ‘windows’ opened from the outside, so we got wet trying to get light into the tent!

We first put up the extension on our trip to the Cotswolds, and we did find it a little fiddly. I won’t pass too much comment as it was very windy when we went and it was our first time putting it up. There were gaps between the main tent and the extension and it was tricky to throw the ties over to the other side to secure it. It wasn’t brilliant in the wind, but again, I wasn’t overly confident on how we had thrown it up. I will rate it better once we’ve had another outing with it.

Deflating The Tent

Getting the tent down is just as easy as getting it up. Open the valves to the air beams and you will hear the air escaping. If you open them fully, you will hear a pop and the beam deflate instantly. Amazing!

Then just un-peg and fold it up! The bag has room for error, so even if it’s not folded up properly, it still fits without much of a fuss.

We are very pleased with the Wichenford Breeze air tent and will be using for more camping trips, I’m sure. Because getting it up and down is no fuss, we are more likely to take it out for smaller camping trips, rather than having to wait for week long holidays.

And we will certainly keep the cats off it!

For more inflatable tent reviews, check out Camping Secrets. They have a host of options to choose from and other camping essentials too!

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