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May 2021 Round Up

May starts off birthday season. A bank holiday is in sight, with the promise of a few days off work. Finley is back in casts which puts a stop to a few things we have planned but hopefully, if he keeps up with his stretching regime, we will be able to do everything we have mapped out. Here is our May 2021 round up.

Serial Casting

The month starts off slow, with a few casting errors. Finley had his first set on, but had to have them taken off the day after, due to his toes going numb. They were left off for a week, then put back on the following week. Finley broke his ankle when he was 3 and had stepped into a habit of tip toe-ing. As he’s gotten older, he now has no stretch in the back of his ankles, hence the need for serial casting. The casts will hopefully stretch him out in to normal range, allowing him to walk properly.

After a few weeks messing around with the casts and persevering with night splints, Finley is now in a more comfortable position. Fingers crossed this is the last time he has to wear them!

Stolen Dogs

We also had word that my nephews dogs have been stolen. There is a national campaign to get them back home. My nephew is absolutely devastated that somebody could just take his best friends. Please, if you have any information on their whereabouts, or even possible sightings, please contact me. #findmissyandbiscuit


The first birthday of the year in our house is Dad’s! We celebrated with cake, of course, and a trip to our local social club. It’s been several months since we had a game of bingo and a disco, and it felt good to be back out. The kids enjoy it, it’s cheap and cheerful, and we can go out socially in a safe and secure environment. We finished off the weekend with a trip to Cosmos. It’s tradition for the birthday person to choose where we have our tea! Again, this is the first meal we have had out for a long time, so it felt extra special.

Camping Weekend

The end of May brings a bank holiday and a camping trip. The Wichenford Breeze has it’s first trip of the year. The kids are excited to be back out in the wild and we had a chance to test out some new camping gear. We invested in a new bed for us adults and some new cooking materials. I’m hopeful that this will be the first of many trips this year. I have written a review of the campsite we stayed at – James Caravan Park. You can read it here.


We visited Wrexham as a base to get to Llangollen. We strolled along Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and had panic attacks doing so! It’s very high up! The pub on the canal was very busy in the sunshine but we managed to find a table and have a few drinks , watching the ducks go by. Our next stop was to Castell Dinas Bran. A wonderful castle ruin on top of a hill. Oosh, it was hard work, after being so redundant these last few months. But the wind in your lungs always feels refreshing afterwards.

Prestatyn Beach

Our month ended with a trip to the beach. You can’t visit Wales and not end up at the beach, can you?! We parked up at Prestatyn, where we found the whole boardwalk has had a makeover. There are new eateries, a COSTA, toilets and huts lined up. We were last in Prestatyn about 6 years ago, and it is nice to see how they’re making the most out of the tourism. The beach is huge and definitely worth visiting. Plenty of parking too, but take your change. All the machines are still old pay and display types.

And that’s it really. May has been a mix of ups and downs, with life growing busier than ever. But if it was slow, then it would be boring, wouldn’t it?!

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