Winter Lights at Himley Hall

After attending a similar light experience at Weston Park last year, we thought we would try out Himley Hall’s Winter Lights experience. It all sounded very much the same, so we thought we would try a new setting.

Winter Lights at Himley Hall

The entry fee for Winter Lights at Himley Hall is £8 per adult and free for under 11’s. For those 11-16, it is £3 entry. We thought this was a good deal so purchased the tickets in anticipation. Car parking is free too.

Upon arrival, we were directed to a car parking spot and given wristbands for the kids and a small coloured torch . The rain had started to pick up so we gathered the umbrellas and headed to the lights.

In Search Of Lights.

Colours glow in the distance and a sign points the way to the woods. A trail leads up past the waterfall, but it is blocked to go any further. We visited Himley hall in the summer and were able to jump over the small stream to head on around the pond. This is restricted for the purpose of safety I presume as the water ran quite fast. I was a bit disappointed as the woods are very pretty and great to explore.

Sadly, the trail didn’t last for long and, for as beautiful as the trees looked, the walk just didn’t seem to go into the woods at all. I wanted to feel as if we were away from the hall and into the darkness with just the lights for comfort, but I didn’t get that ambience from the surroundings.


In the courtyard, the waffle station is a nice nice touch. And the mince pie and mulled wine cart in the corner. Again, I feel Himley Hall has missed a trick. The courtyard space could be filled with so much more, in terms of entertainment or food and drink.

Inside the Hall, artwork is displayed in a gallery setting from the hallway into a large display room. The café has plenty of room and seating to warm up with a mulled wine or a coffee.

This event could have been so much more, and unfortunately I think most of the people who attended feel the same. Most people are quick to complain, but in this instance, Himley Hall could have done a lot better.

There are good points. The setting is very pretty, and we love a walk, no matter where it is. The torches for the children are a nice addition, and the kids were happy to lead the way through the woods.

Maybe next year, Himley Hall will take on board the comments and improve the experience.

Have you seen any illuminations this year?

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