Hiking From A Kids’ Point Of View

I always wonder what the kids actually think about hiking, so I asked them to write something about it. This is hiking from a kids’ point of view!

Oliver, Age 11

Hiking is a great thing for the mind and health but, have you ever wondered what a kid feels like? Well I’m a kid. Most kids moan about going hiking, if they like having time on screens. But in whole, we quite enjoy it. We go somewhere we haven’t gone before and letting our cares free in the fresh air of the mountains. At first, we’ll feel reluctant but the area changes us suddenly.

My favourite part in any hike is when we go climbing. Jagged rocks and smooth rocks, any type rocks will do. It gets the adrenalin running and is just good fun overall. Sometimes there are no rocks, but last Sunday we went to Thor’s rock and there was a huge sand stone boulder we climbed to the top of. They were so smooth an easy to climb with many footholds. I definitely recommend it.

I only wish we could have more freedom, like go down forests and climb a bit more. Some times we don’t go the fun way, well for us. The ways we want to go is dangerous most of the time, and off track, but to us it looks cool and that’s all that matters to us. Next time your kid asks to go down a path and play for a while, maybe consider it.

In conclusion, I like walking. Its good for your health and fun. We can love it even if we say we don’t.

Finley, Age 8

I like hiking because you get to find out about different types of nature. You also get to discover new places such as: the Wrekin, Cannock chase and Snowdon. Also you can visit other countries like: Scotland, Wales and much much more. We also litter pick on the way, also never ever litter because the plants will die and that will stop the life cycle. so that is why I love hiking.

Molly, Age 7

I like hiking because it is fun and you can roll on the grass. My favourite place is Scotland because it has snow. I like to go rock hopping and walking through the forest.


I sat the kids in front of the computer and asked them to pen something about hiking. I didn’t ask them to say whether they loved it or hated it, they just wrote what came to mind. I am inwardly super proud that all 3 have given the benefits of hiking, and why they enjoy it. There is no negativity in what they say, even though we may have days where they all proclaim that they don’t want to ‘go out for a walk’. I feel accomplished in our goal to raise little HikerKidz and feel that they will continue the tradition with their own children when they are older.

What do your children think of hiking? Do they enjoy climbing, swimming or cycling? Let us know in the HikerKidz Facebook group!

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Hiking from a kids’ point of view.

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