Windy Corner Wild Camping Review

For this years Wild Night Out, we didn’t want to go completely wild, but to do something in between a full camping set-up and pitching a tent in a field. I jumped on and found a small site that sounded just what we were looking for.

Windy Corner Wild Camping.

Windy Corner wild camping review

As we arrived, we weren’t sure if we were in the right place. A long bumpy track took us to Windy Corner, which looks like a farm building. And in many ways, it is. The owners live on site and they greeted us with a very warm welcome, as we arrived looking puzzled and a bit flustered after coming down the lanes. Windy Corner camping has 2 areas. A meadow up the top and the valley, down the bottom. We chose to stay in the valley, as it promised to be a bit more wild and secluded, and further away from the facilities.

Our tent in the lower field

Melanie and her daughter loaded up our tent and supplies on to a truck with a trailer. We left our car by the main building and followed the truck down a small descent into the valley below, next to the brook. It is certainly wilder than we expected! The heat was strong, but the valley was cooler, and still provided good light on this super hot summers day.

The brook is perfect for children, as ours splashed around and played with the on-site dog, who followed us around for a at least half an hour! We pitched up the tent in a corner of the field, which is grassy and flat. Cornered by trees, the field is secluded but lined with walking trails and hidden waterfalls. Once we had set up, we were happy enough to leave the tent and wander around exploring the area.

Local waterfall


An old converted horse building holds toilets with a kettle and fridge for guests to use. There are also bottles of water available, a table and chairs to sit at, and a washing machine and dryer for the mucky days. A shower is also available on site.

The future of Windy Corner

Windy Corner Wild Camping is an up and coming site, with improvements being made daily. Melanie has plans to make an outhouse for down in the valley, carving out bits of the woodland to make play areas for the children and damming up the brook too. A definite back-to-basics site, there is no Wifi, and signal is poor in the valley. Which makes it even wilder, don’t you think! We love to switch off once in a while, and Windy Corner is the perfect place to do so.

The Important Info

Windy Corner is available to book here.

The site is located in Pontesbury, in Shropshire.

Prices start from £15 per night.

To locate the surrounding area on a paper map, use map OS Landranger 126 .

Families and pets welcome!

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