Hafan Y Mor Accommodation Review

On a wet October weekend we stayed at Hafan Y Mor in an apartment, through a Sun Holiday scheme. We didn’t get to choose our accommodation and were given an apartment on our booking confirmation.

We arrived at Hafan Y Mor at around 7.30 in the Friday evening and were welcomed at reception, which wasn’t very busy at all. I was given our room key, fun passes and a map to our accommodation.

The apartments are at the end of the park, quite a walk away from the main reception, but we were able to drive up and park the car very close to our room.

Hafan Y Mor Accommodation Review

Appearance wise, it bears a very close resemblance to Dirty Dancing’s Kellerman’s Camp! Brown doors, metal railings and windows right next to the walkways. Our apartment was on the top so we lugged all of our bags up making a chain of children to pass things from the car and through the door. The stairs were a little slippy, but it had been raining all day!

The door opens straight into the apartment, with a small area to wipe your feet and store shoes. 2 large leather sofas sit in the living area, with a fire on the wall, a TV and 2 small tables. A table with 4 chairs is mid way in the room with the kitchen behind it. The kitchen is small but full of everything needed for a self catering stay. A list is printed on the inside of one of the cupboards with an inventory of cutlery and cooking equipment.

The bathroom has a shower cubicle, toilet and sink with light above. The light buzzed and made a funny noise, so it wasn’t used!


The kids bedroom has 2 beds and small nightstand in between, and a wardrobe with hangers.

The main bedroom has a double bed with 2 nightstands and a large wardrobe with hangers.

We are a family of 5!

One bug bear I have with a few of the properties we have stayed at are the sleeping arrangements. When we book, we clearly enter 5 people. 2 adults, with 3 children, of whom we usually enter the ages of. So when we get given 2 single beds, and a pull out sofa in a living area, it frustrates me. I don’t like the idea of one of the children sleeping separately, right next to the front door. So the kids had to top and tail for the duration of our stay.

Also, there are only 4 chairs at the dining area, for 5 people!

The apartment was clean enough, for the age of the property, and had all the equipment required for our weekend. The rooms were warm once the heating was switched on, there are storage heaters on the walls of the bedrooms, and the fire heated up the living area very quickly.

Hafan Y Mor Park

Hafan Y Mor is a very big park, but as we are used to walking, we didn’t mind the walk down to the main entertainment area for the night time. The apartments are at the far end of the park, but very close to the beach, which is nice to explore the Wales Coastal Path. All of the activities are a short walk away, as are the rubbish bins and small shop. Nothing was out of reach.

We would like to return to Hafan Y Mor as they have had a £3million refurbishment, including the pool and ‘Dragon Lakes’ activity area. The kids enjoyed playing in the pool and would have happily stayed there all day! I do think next time, we would opt for one of the newer chalets or caravans though, as they looked a bit fresher and more modern equipped.

Thank you for reading the Hafan Y Mor accommodation review. You can read more about our break away here.

Other places we have visited are Gardners Cottages in Aviemore. Miners Cottage in the Lake District.

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