Not Quite Hiking

The Aftermath of Hiking

The Aftermath of Hiking.

Nobody speaks of what happens after a hike. The terror, the things you may unveil. Unearthing snails in pockets, wondering where the other glove has gone, lost unto the world of missing pairs, and the discovery of what colour the shoes are actually meant to be. Scrubbing away at layers of dirt and clay turning the sink into a whirlpool of gloom. This, is the aftermath of hiking.

It’s all fun and games deciding to hike until you realise that it must all be undone. Bags are unpacked and clothes washed. Shoes returned to the cupboards and half eaten packets of party rings handed around the room until somebody decides to finish them off.

And, if you’ve got a child like mine, tipping out rock after rock, stick after stick and tentatively emptying trouser pockets hoping not to squash whatever creature he has brought home today!

But, the worst of it all – realising that this can’t be a daily occurrence. It is fun, it is exciting and that actually, maybe we would like to live like this. So, for now, we return to our normal jobs and dream of a lifetime of adventure. (banshee type wailing commences)

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