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What Are We Doing For 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild happens every June, every year. The Wildlife Trust champions this month of outdoor wild activities, to raise awareness about the connection of nature to our health and well being. No matter where you are in the UK, there is a Wildlife Trust inspiring people about wildlife and wild places, and saving, protecting and standing up for nature near you.

We can use 30 Days Wild to raise our own awareness and to hand that down to the generations around us. If you have a bug loving, rock boy like we do, it should be a fairly easy task! If not, the Wildlife Trust have plenty of amazing ideas to help you on your way. Download the 30 Days Wild pack for loads of inspiration. (Usually you get a hard-copy posted, but due to the current situation, it is download only).

No Right or Wrong

We took part last year, and it was lovely to see how much the kids learn from just being outside a bit longer during the day. We still have our bug hotels, which is why for number 5, we will just maintain them and restock with fresh materials if required.

Some of these ideas are taken from the 30 Days Wild downloadable pack, but others are things I would like to do with the kids. As the summer is approaching and the nights are getting lighter, we can afford to be outside a bit longer, even as we all head back to work.

I’m not doing these in any particular order, we will take each day as it comes and tick them off as we go along. Or maybe we will think of something else instead! There is no right or wrong here. Do as you wish, and enjoy the nature around you.

So, What Are We Doing For 30 Days Wild?

  1. Let the little ones take pictures of nature. In the back garden or out on the trail.
  2. Have breakfast outside.
  3. Leaf rubbings.
  4. Watch a live nature web cam; like this one from Wildlife Kate.
  5. Restock our bug hotel.
  6. Plant seeds for flowers.
  7. Grow a vegetable.
  8. Go stargazing.
  9. Sketch what you see.
  10. Cloud watching.
  11. Exercise outside.
  12. Study a mini beast.
  13. Go litter picking.
  14. Make a nest.
  15. Sit and listen to the birds.
  16. Make a mini pond.
  17. Make our very own eco-system.
  18. Walk along the canal and note all the wildlife we come across.
  19. Watch a sunrise.
  20. Watch a sunset.
  21. Walk barefoot.
  22. Do 30 Days Wild Bingo card.
  23. Read a book about nature or wildlife.
  24. Have a reduced carbon footprint day.
  25. Flower and tree identification.
  26. Make something from nature.
  27. Catch a spider.
  28. Go on a night time walk and note the differences in nature.
  29. Get wet! Splash in a puddle or swim in a river.
  30. Bird watching.

Let me know if you are taking part. I would love to see what you get up to. Alternatively, tag @thewildlifetrusts and use the hashtag #30DaysWild on social channels to share your daily dose of nature.

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