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Step Up To The Challenge.

As we are confined to our houses for the foreseeable future, many of us are missing our mountain fix. We crave the need for altitude and burning of calves as we traipse up hill sides and across knife edges. We now need to find a way of bringing #GetOutside, inside! But, can we step up to the challenge?

A few athletes across social media have set up a challenge of stepping their way to the equivalent height of their favourite mountains. This is being completed on back door steps, stair cases and even on tables!

Along with fellow Ordnance Survey champion Iwan Thomas, this Thursday April 9th 2020, we will be taking part in a challenge across the nation. We will be stepping up and climbing our favourite local hill, in our home!

Working It Out

How are we going to know when we have completed the height required?

  • Measure 1 stair rise. Ours is 20cm.
  • Multiply that number by how many stairs. Our staircase at home is 13 steps. Total height of our stairs = 260cm.
  • Put that into metres = 260 divided by 100 (100 cm in a metre) = 2.6m
  • Our favourite local hill is the Wrekin, which stands at 407m above sea level. So, 407 divided by 2.6 = 157 (to the closest round number).

We will have to climb our stairs 157 times to equal the height of the Wrekin.

As Dad will be at work, it’s up to the kids and I to strap on our slippers and take part! We will be recording the challenge, and working out how many steps we complete throughout the whole challenge.

Record your steps on the Ordnance Survey website here.

Let’s set a world record and see where our virtual climb will take us!

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