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April Round Up

April round up is quite a mix of events. We had another fun filled month, and I am pleased that our memory bank is being filled with great adventures.

Sunday 7th April – Carding Mill Valley

We kept our adventure quite local today. We have visited Carding mill Valley before and it is a pleasant National Trust area to explore. With free parking for being a NT member, the whole outing needn’t have cost a penny. We had a good stroll through past the reservoir, hunted for birds and chased a waterfall! The Lightspout waterfall is always lovely to see, and today was in full force due to fresh rainfall. A lovely day to blow away the cobwebs.

Sunday 14th April – Exotic Zoo

As we are on holiday soon and trying to save some pennies, we thought we would check out a small Zoo that I had come across on Facebook. The Zoo is accessed through a garden centre in Telford and holds a plethora of animals to view and even hold! I was in awe at the reptiles, tortoises, and tiny little lambs! The Zoo is very hands on and almost all of the animals are available to be fed or held. The staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. I would recommend this place to anybody who wants a cheap and cheerful local day out.

Sunday 21st-22nd April – Camping

Our original bank holiday plans fell through at the last minute. So I got on and booked us 2 nights at a campsite in Wales. The weather was glorious, the kids were happy and the beach was calling. We spent the days running around on the beach and the nights playing in a field, completely cut off from social media and the throws of technology. As the kids were off school for the Easter holidays it was nice to actually do something with them and to spend time as a family, away from work and other distractions.

Sunday 28th April – Hikerkidz meet up #2.

As per our Instagram channel, our next scheduled meetup happened today. We met up with other like minded families and let the kids run wild through the Peak District. We walked through Luds Church admiring the beauty of the moss lined caverns. Even the adults were in awe. We didn’t know each other to begin with, but as time went on, the kids made friends and were happily running along with each other. The mood was good, the rain held off and they kids rolled down the hills with absolute glee.

A perfect end to the month.

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