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Our 2020 Adventure Goals.

2020 will see us facing new challenges and having lots of adventures. Plans are already in the making for certain events and our year is booking up quite fast!


Our first event is a weekend back down to London to finish off the Natural History Museum. We visited in Easter 2018, but because of the size of the place and how invested the children are, we didn’t manage to see it all. So, Easter 2020 is devoted to history!

Hadrians Wall

July 2020 will see a bigger challenge in our midst. We will be walking Hadrians Wall. All 84 miles will be walked by us, and my mom will join us in parts. We will raise money for charitable causes, one of which will be Mountains for the Mind. It will be a personal challenge as well as a chance to connect the kids with nature and give them a sense of achievement.

You will be able to follow along on my planning journey and a blog of the actual trail once we have completed it. As there is not much information about the trail online, I hope to include as much detail as I can.


Once we have completed the coast to coast challenge, we will relax in Paris at the end of August. We will be seeing a particularly famous theme park, but shhh… don’t tell the kids! It will be a surprise for their hard work on the trails.


Finally, our biggest adventure will be to end the year in Scotland for Christmas again. We enjoyed 2018 so much that we are longing for the escape again. We are not sure where we will be staying just yet, but it will definitely be somewhere wild and remote!

A busy year is already marked in the diary, along with our normal hikes and meet ups.


Wild Night Out is marked for the 11th July, so we will more than likely try and get a wild camp in again.

And hopefully Ordnance Survey will host a GetOutside day again at the end of September.

Sharks and Diving

Poole calls us to visit family and possibly do a southerly Hikerkidz meet up, while Northumberland is also nipping at my brain. I would love for Finley to see all the seals on the Farne Islands. Oh and speaking of Finley, he will finally be able to learn how to dive in August, when he turns 8. Blue Planet Aquarium offer diving with shark experiences, so that is where he is going for his birthday!

Wow. Typing all that out makes me realise I may need to rob a bank in order to make this all achievable! What do you think of our 2020 adventure goals?

Wish us luck, and we will update you as we go along.


  1. I have been pricing up all our travel goals and unless we win the lottery some are just not going to be achievable. Sounds like you have wonderful plans. I want to see Hadrian’s wall and go back to scotland

  2. Your adventure goals are awesome. I would definitely recommend Applecross for your Scotland adventure, it’s one of my favourite places and we will be there at Easter.

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