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Ordnance Survey promoted their National #GetOutside Day on 29th September 2019 and we were proud to take part again. We though there would be no better day than this to involve another #HikerKidz meet up. And so HikerKidz GetOutside was formed!

The meeting point was Millers Dale car park in the Peak District at 11am.

The route is part of the Monsal Trail, on to Chee Dale stepping stones and under huge tunnels. The route is approximately 4 miles long, and should have taken about 3-4 hours (with little legs!).

Unfortunately for us, the UK decided that it was monsoon season and so it was raining. Not too much to start with, but 20 minutes in, it was a downpour. We headed along the side of the river, where poor Laura managed to slip down a bank and ended up waist deep in the river.

We carried on for a while, but ended up doubling back quite early to cut off the stepping stones. With the amount of rain coming down, they wouldn’t have been visible anyway.


We headed on and found the Monsal Tunnels, in which we hunkered down for a bit and ate our lunch. We had 2 new families join us, so a drier space gave us chance to have a talk and mingle. The kids happily ran in and out of the tunnel, catching the rain on their tongues.

Although the rain was pretty insistent, the kids went on as they usually do. Making friends and chatting way, they were content to just be outside. We left with smiles on our faces, and new friends too.

If you would like to read about our other meet ups, please have a look at our HikerKidz page. You can sign up for future events on our Facebook page, or subscribe to the newsletter for first look information.

I hope to see you soon!

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