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November Round Up

Isn’t it cold?! The frost is creeping in, and the radiators are going full whack. Sadly, a sign that the autumn is over and winter is on it’s way.
We do like winter though, and can’t wait for the snow to fall to get the sled out again! For now though, I’ll let you know what we did for the last autumnal month of the year in the November Round Up.

Saturday 2nd November

Now, I’m not the girliest of girls. A slick of mascara and a brush through my hair is fine by me. But my daughter seems to have developed a love for all things unicorns and rainbows. We celebrated this by watching her current idol, JoJo Siwa, at Resorts World in Birmingham. I’ll give it to JoJo, i would rather Molly watch her than some of the other 16 year old singers in society today. She is very child friendly, very energetic and delivers powerful messages to bright eyed youngsters about chasing their dreams and being an independent, strong willed little person.

Sunday 10th November

Our first hike with full gloves, scarves and buffs! There were the first flurries of snowfall in Wales, where we had been only 2 weeks earlier. It was strange to see the white plains when we had seen them green not so long ago.
We ventured up Caer Caradoc for round 2. Earlier on in the year we attempted it, but due to very bad visibility, we had to abandon the hike. Luckily for us today, we had blue skies and could see all the way to Snowdonia. Or so I thought! There was a slight dusting of snow at the top, which pleased the kids to no end. We made a teeny tiny snowman and had our first snowball fight of the year!

Saturday 16th November

We were quite the opportunists this weekend. Kendal Mountain Festival in the Lake District had been on my radar for a while. As it happened, we arranged to meet up with an ‘instafriend’ we had been chatting to for a while on Instagram. So we booked a night in a B&B and headed up the M6 after work on Saturday.
At the festival, we had a mooch around, gawping at the incredible people being shown on film and walking around the stands. We met a few people we had connected through Instagram with, and rubbed shoulders with Instagram (hiking) royalty!

Sunday 17th November

As previously mentioned, we met up with new friends and planned a route up Loughrigg fell. The weather was calm, the route fairly straight forward and company was chatty. Finley finally met his scuba hero, who has taken him under his wing. Hopefully, Finley can dive with Ross one day, and complete one of his bucket list items!
The day went on without a hitch and the kids connected with friends who we have previously been out with on Hikerkidz meet ups. We explored Rydal Caves again and fed the fish. There are thousands of them! Definitely a must see, if you are ever in the area! The Lake District is slowly becoming an area we are able to discover more of. It doesn’t seem as out of reach as it used to! Hopefully, we will have more adventures there in 2020.

November Round Up

Sadly, November ended on a poorly note. Molly came down with chicken pox and the sick bug made it’s way around the house too. For a solid 4 days, at least 4 of us were ill at the same time!
Thankfully, we bounce back quick and we are fully raring to go for Decembers ‘ adventures and the Christmas period.

Where are you going to meet the Jolly Red Man this year?

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