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December 2020 Round Up

December 2020 started slow. Very slow. The world is still in limbo and Boris does not know what to do in regards to the new tier system that has been introduced. Tensions are high and arguments are fuelled by disorganised government. We decided to stay out of the way and lie low!


Christmas tree day! Usually, the second weekend in December is our Christmas tree shopping day and my uncle’s annual visit. This is how we know the festive season has started! We headed to Cannock Chase, Birches Valley, as usual. It was less of a show this year, but the kids didn’t seem to notice too much. We chose a nice Fir tree, and shoved it in the car, all wet and drippy!
We had a nice afternoon with my Uncle, exchanging gifts and putting the world to rights over a few cups of tea.


A local haunt of ours is Carding Mill Valley. We have been here numerous times, in all weathers. Today we were testing some new gear that has been very kindly gifted to us by Trekmates. And it was a good call, as the heavens opened on us, allowing us to thoroughly test out the gaiters! I was only dry where my gaiters were, everywhere else was soaking wet, so I highly recommend them! We had a goody muddy stomp that was needed to flush away a few tetchy vibes going on between us all. Nothing like the outdoors therapy to sort us out.

Lots of homely days ensued, with us watching the news and the constant change in restrictions. Our Christmas break to Scotland was cancelled much earlier on in the year and I’m quite glad that we didn’t rebook anything. We also had our outdoor swimming at Hathersage Swimming Pool cancelled, and the Lichfield Cathedral lightshow refunded. We can’t face anything else.


We didn’t think the year could get much worse. After tier 4 restrictions started making their rounds, we kept things close to home for the half term holidays and booked a National Trust trail to walk around.
The kids ran off to play on the natural playground, and Finley proceeded to fall off the seesaw and break his both his bones in his lower arm. 3 days before Christmas!! We spent the rest of the day in hospital and he will be in a cast for a good 6 weeks. Typical!


Christmas day however, was enjoyable. Without incident and felt vaguely normal. We woke up, opened presents, saw our designated peoples and ate lots of food. Nothing more was needed I suppose!


The snow fell on 28th December and brought joy to my little people! We made it out to make snow persons ans snow angels. With Finley is his cast, we now have to be careful with where we go and what we do, but we adapt well. The year ended with us all happy and healthy, and there’s nothing more I can ask of than that. Even if some of us are a little bit broken!

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