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How to Keep Kids Warm While Hiking

We are an all weather walking family, but we much prefer to hike in the colder weather. Usually autumn to winter.

The coldest numbers we have been seen to hike in were -5 temperatures when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit the U.K. last February. We had a walk up to Clee Hill in the Shropshire hills and jumped around in the snow.


What do we wear when bracing these weathers? We’ve settled into a good routine and know what works for us. We like to make sure we are comfortable but warm, and practical too.

Our layers go like this;

1. Thermals. We use Decathlons‘ Wed’ze cheapest thermals which are absolutely fantastic. They do kids sizes and adults, and I must say, I was really impressed with them. For 3.99 each, they are very functional and warm.

2. Ski socks. As a brand, we have gone for Wed’ze again. Thick and warm and comfortable.

Tip: tuck thermals into socks and pull socks up to knees.

3. Walking trousers. If it’s cold but not freezing, I tend to put the kids in their normal walking trousers. If we are going out in sub zero temperatures then they will wear lined trousers or even fleecy jogging bottoms.

4. Long sleeved T-shirt.

5. Thick fleecy jumpers like these. The kids have them in a different array of colours. Again, for the price, they are very functional and warm.

6. Waterproofs. We have Karrimor over-trousers which have a zip at the bottom that comes in handy when the weather turns and you need to get them on over the kids shoes. There’s no faffing around trying to take muddy shoes on and off. They are then zipped up around the boots.

7. Coats wise, we haven’t really settled on a brand as a family. We’ve just picked up whatever we have seen. Oliver does well with his big trespass coat but I don’t think this would suit Molly as she needs to be grabbed every now and then. If she had on a big coat, we wouldn’t be able to help her if we needed to. Finley likes lighter coats as he’s more likely to strip off if he feels the need so he has a light puffer coat. We have gone for the needs of the individual child, than to do a ‘one coat fits all’ scenario.

8. Gloves. We picked up some ski gloves, again from decathlon. Not brilliant to hold hands in, but super warm and practical in terms of grabbing onto rocks.

9. We have neck warmers, instead of wrap around scarves. Less chance of them getting lost and nice and cheap too. The kids tend to lose things very easily so 99p for a neck warmer will not break the bank. I buy a few to keep for stock, just in case. 

10. And last but not least, A hat. I bought trapper hats for the kids to wear for Scotland as it should keep the chill off their ears and cheeks. With the neck scarf pulled up over the straps, it creates a nice all round barrier for the heat to stay in.

Overall, I make sure the kids have no gaps in any clothing and they are all tucked in nice and secure. They’ve not mentioned yet about being freezing cold to the point they are not happy, so I must be doing something right!

Pro tip: go to the toilet before commencing layers!

Let me know if you have any suggestions for shoes as we are going through them very quick due to growing feet. Eventually when the growth slows down, we want the kids to be in something sturdy and comfortable.

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