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Crafty Ways To Bring Your Travels To Life

Most of us travel to experience new things and to make fantastic memories. We gain knowledge, freedom and usually a few trinkets along the way. Here are a few ideas to preserve those memories and allow everybody else to appreciate them too. Crafty ways to bring your travels to life.

Paint your favourite place.

Art is subjective, so grab a canvas or pen and paper, and bring your favourite destination to life with your own interpretation. Or grab the colouring pencils and sketch away.

Scrap booking.

Scrap book your adventures and your travels. Tell a story with all the tickets, leaflets and photos a true traveler saves! Once glued down, they are safe to be perused over, time and time again. If you need to print off photos, there are several apps that offer free or low cost prints and just a delivery charge. I use Free Prints for mine.


Organise photos in order of destinations and pair with videos to make a slide show. Watch with your favourite people and talk about the experiences you’ve shared. There are also many apps that can help with movie making, and phones can usually be connected to a TV or PC monitor to enhance the video experience. Or if you are quite tech savvy, then YouTube is a great way to save the memories and turn your adventures into your own little films.


Put your best memories down on paper. Or type if you prefer. Write stories, or diary entries. Again, this is all subjective, so you have artistic licence here! You could start a blog to help others with their travels or just to keep as memoirs for you and your children. Katie, from Away With Katie, uses a Passion Planner to journal her travels. Have a look at her post to see what she recommends and what works well with her diary.

Make a memory wall.

If you have collected souvenirs from places, put them on display for all to see. We have a gallery wall leading up our stairs with photos of our travels and our souvenirs on shelves. It’s nicer to have them on display, than shoving them in a box to gather dust. Plus, it gives us something to look for on our tourist days on holiday.

Origami Eiffel Tower

If you are really creative, you could sew your favourite landscapes. Or modge podge photographs onto different materials for gifts. There are several tutorials on You Tube for transferring photographs onto wood or even candles. Candles are super easy to do with a bit of transfer paper and a heat gun.

There is even Origami, as shown here by Origami Expressions. What a novel way to make your favorite landmarks.

Or, while you are on your travels, take the time to do something crafty while you are there, and make a souvenir to bring home with you. Bec from ‘Views From A Garden Bench’ had a go at making her own glass bead bracelet, from scratch. Glass beads and everything!

So, there are a few ideas to get yourself started with recording and categorising your travel memories. Are there any others ways you can preserve your souvenirs? Let me know what you can come up with.


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