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6 Ways To Survive Quarantine With Kids

These days are very strange at the moment, and we are all muddling through as best as we can. I have put forward my 6 ways to survive quarantine with kids, as a guide for those who are feeling a bit on the wayside. Including myself!

Wake-up, get washed, brushed and dressed.

To feel accomplished in a day, it is better to start off productive. When you wake, get washed and dressed ready for the day. Even if it’s putting on fresh pyjamas! When you start off feeling refreshed, the day takes a more positive effect. Especially if the days are all rolling in to one.

Set a loose routine.

I think, without realising it, a lot of children rely on a routine. Everybody’s is different though, so don’t worry about what ‘Sarah on Facebook’ is doing. Do it your way. Rough guides and times will have everybody on the same page for what happens next, without too much of a pause to be bored.

Using Lego for math practice.

Have all the craft accessories in one place.

There’s nothing worse than setting an activity and finding the glue is in one place, and the scissors in another. Have a dedicated box or basket full of all things crafting. Ebay and the likes are still trading, so if anything is missing or needed, a quick order will have you stocked back up within a few days.

6 Ways To Survive Quarantine With Kids

Chores for food!

Nobody gets lunch until the floor is clean and work is completed. We are schooling at home, like many families, and all school work has to be done before the next snack is available. But then, my kids will happily do anything for cake!

Waiting patiently!

Get Outside

We are allowed to be outdoors* once per day. I would suggest taking full advantage of that and have a walk outdoors with the kids. If you really can’t manage a walk out and about, go in the garden. The outdoors is a fantastic use of extra space, especially with the weather being so nice. Have a lesson outside, plant some flowers, or just sit outside and listen to the birds. There are so many benefits to being outdoors, and not just up mountains. The mental health benefits are extensive and shouldn’t be dismissed, especially in the current climate. I have a few ideas to help get that time outside in my post #OneThingOutside.

A walk to try and clear some head space


Don’t be afraid to stick the TV on for half an hour. Take a time out if it’s needed. If the kids are feeling overwhelmed; relax. This is a strange time for everybody, and there is no right or wrong. Balance the day with a bit of outdoor play and a bit of indoor play. Food when required and lots of love and cuddles. Don’t forget to take time out for yourselves as individuals too, whether that is a bubble bath or a walk around the block.

Screen time is OK.

*Adhering to government guidelines of course. You can read the rules and regs here.

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