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During the corona virus outbreak, we are confined to our homes. Outdoor activity is limited. We are allowed outside of the house once per day, for daily exercise, essential shopping or to go to work if you are a key worker.

I am setting a challenge of doing one thing outside everyday for the month of April. Why, might you ask?

The Benefits.

Being outdoors has many benefits. It improves our physical and mental health. We can use the outdoors to learn, play, eat, and explore.

In these uncertain times that we are currently living in, it is important that we still utilise our outdoor spaces. Whether we live close to the beach, have a mountain on our back doorstep, or even if we live in the city. The outdoors is still there. We don’t need to have a major expedition or to hike the largest mountain in order to get an outdoor fix.

We also don’t have to be an intrepid explorer, or have the most up-to-date/expensive kit to enjoy being outside.

Sometimes, the most simplest of activities, can be the happiest. Which is what a lot of people are coming to realise, now we have been stripped of our day-to-day commodities. We are enjoying slowing down, hearing the birds and watching the wildlife creep out of hiding. (Look up the Llandudno goats!)

So. The Challenge.

Do ‘One Thing Outside’ every day. Whether this is simply sitting in the garden. Taking a walk around the block. Gardening, having picnic with the kids and their teddy bears, cleaning the bikes or walking to your local green space.
There are lots of things that can be done. From craft activities, survival skills, and wildlife watching.

Click on the picture to print off your own calendar of things to do outside!

What To Do for #OneThingOutside?

  • Have a picnic with the kids and their teddies
  • Hunt for mini-beasts. What variety of insects can you find?
  • Set up the tent and camp outside. Have a day in the tent, or sleep under the stars.
  • Draw your house. Front or back!
  • Paint rocks ready to hide on your next walk for others to find. Facebook has a large community of rock hiders!
  • Explore your streets. Draw a 1 mile radius from your house outward and explore every nook and cranny in between.
  • Geocaching is great free fun. Download the app and see what treasure you can find.
  • Grab crayons and a piece of paper. Rub the patterns of leaves or trees.
  • Grab a ball and a parent and practice your football skills.
  • Practice throwing and catching. Bounce the ball off a wall and see if you can keep it going.
  • Make a bug house. Tidy the garden. Spring is coming so tidy up those weeds to make way for new life.
  • Use the bits of wood that need to go to the tip, or cones/pebbles/branches to create an obstacle course.
  • Get the bike out of the shed and give it a good clean. Oil it up ready to ride. Help pot new plants, create a fairy garden or open up new play spaces.

Get Creative

  • Chalk drawing on the floor or walls will easily wash away in the rain. Get creative!
  • How many birds can you spot? Do they come in the morning or afternoon? Listen to the chirping and write down how you feel. Check out Wildlife Kate to learn all about birds and to see them live on camera!
  • Play hide and seek. Even if you haven’t got a big garden, get creative!
  • Eat your tea (or dinner if that’s what you call it!) outside.
  • Grab the bike and wheel around the block.
  • Households are putting up rainbows in their windows for support for the NHS. Walk around your area and see how many you can find.
  • Pick leaves and take them home to identify. How many species can you find?
  • As with the rainbows, people are also putting bears in their windows. Go on a bear hunt! Or act out the famous book by Michael Rosen.
  • Climb a tree!
  • Hide some treasure and make a map to find it. Or learn some navigational skills and try and find your way around your local area.Check out Mapzone for some great educational map skills.
  • Build a den with outdoor and indoor materials.
  • Do a handstand. Or a roly-poly. Or a cartwheel!

Please tag us in your #OneThingOutside on Facebook and Instagram and I will share all your great ideas. Let’s not confine ourselves inside, and go and enjoy the benefits of the outdoors during the lock down.


  1. You’ve put together some great ideas here. I love ‘explore your neighbourhood,’ it’s the kind of thing we wouldn’t necessarily think of in normal circumstances. #CountryKids

    1. You know, I’ve seen so many people lately who are surprised when they realise where they live is actually quite nice! You never know what is right under your nose!

  2. This is a great list of ideas for doing one thing outside everyday. We have been trying to take our home learning outside at least once a day and have been having fun getting creative. We’ve done a few of the things on your list already but always good to have some more ideas. Thank you for sharing with #CountryKids

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