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15 Things to do Outside in the 6 Week Holidays.

The 6 weeks are nearly upon us and it can be hard to think of things to do to keep the kids entertained. Especially when it comes to doing activities outdoors. Here is my list of 15 things to do outside in the 6 week holidays with kids.

  • Geocaching. A real life treasure hunt for free. Just download the Geocaching app and follow the directions to find your treasure. With geo’s to find anywhere and everywhere, this is perfect for a free day out exploring.
  • Treasure Trails. For £6.99 you can print off another kind of treasure hunt that takes you around villages and cities all over the UK. This gets you thinking and moving, and working together.
  • Build a den. Most Forestry Commissioned areas allow den building on their grounds. Or, just head to the local woods and start building!
  • Go to the beach. The best days outside are spent at the beach. Throw some towels and a picnic in the car and spend a free day out building sand castles and paddling in the sea. You may want to check the weather forecast first though!

National Trust

  • Go to a National Trust property. The National Trust is home to many houses and areas of land that are so interesting to explore. Teach the kids Victorian history or discover Bronze Age hill forts. Most are low cost or even free if you have a membership card. Places like Carding Mill Valley are free to access with only a car park fee.
  • Paint and hide rocks. The rock hiding community is very big on Facebook. Grab yourselves some smooth pebbles, paint and go exploring for the most unique hiding places. Access your local Facebook community group and go searching for other peoples designs.
  • Build a bug house. Find a bunch of sticks, bricks, and bits of wood. Strap them all together in a vertical fashion and you’ve got yourself a homemade bug hotel. Leave it in the garden in a cool dark spot and watch little critters bring it to life.

Good for Exercise

  • Go for a walk – It sounds like the simplest thing, but it’s often overlooked. If the kids are feeling crabby and cooped up, shove on some shoes and explore the streets around you. Even if it’s raining. Puddles are a fantastic distraction, and at the end of the day, it’s only water!
  • Climb a mountain – Kids are more resilient that you think. Find your local hill, or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a mountain such as Pen Y Fan, or Helvellyn. Strap on a back pack and go climb! Exercise gives a fantastic endorphin rush, and the views from such places will stay with you for a lifetime.
  • Cycle along the canal – Find your nearest entry point to the canal. Start riding. In any direction! Then, when you’ve had enough, simply stop, turn around, and go back!

Do for fun!

  • Set up the tent in the back garden. Have a night under the stars with all your home comforts right there with you!
  • Wild swimming – please be responsible if you want to do this. Make sure children are supervised at all times and have the appropriate aids if needed. Wild swimming can be very enjoyable if done properly.
  • Climb a tree – have competitions to see who can get up the highest. Sit and watch the birds or try some bark rubbings.
  • Go to the park – Nothing pleases children more than a swing and a slide. Gather a group of friends and head to the park for some simple, free fun.
  • Have a picnic – This can be done in the garden or at your local green space. Take teddies and/or toys to encourage the children’s creativity. Don’t forget the blanket!

I hope you have gained some inspiration from this list of 15 things to do outside in the 6 week holidays.

Let me know if you’ve tried anything or if you would add anything to the list!


  1. We’re already half way through our summer holidays, just about to start week 4. From your list, so far we’ve done picnic, park, long walks and the beach, and we’ve even gone geocaching!

    1. Wow! I cant believe how much the holidays differ form other areas of the country! Well done on completing all of those. We are looking forward to doing a bit more geocaching.

  2. Our grandsons love spending time outdoors and the summer holidays can seem very long so it’s good to plan ahead. I’m sure they’d love Geocaching although we haven’t managed to try it out yet so maybe we’ll find time over the summer

    1. Make sure you download the Geocaching app before you go! It’s completely free and shows you all the Geo’s in your area. Most importantly, have fun!

  3. Love the ideas about treasure hunts etc – I think this is something my kids would love! Not sure we will make it to a beach this year but the park will be happening multiple times a week as long as the weather permits.

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