Camping or Glamping?

We have had lots of holidays in the UK, and have stayed in many types of accommodation. From holiday homes, to caravans, to tents, I think we’ve done them all. We’re even booked to stay in an old converted train carriage in Cornwall, later this year.

I think there are many pros and cons to camping and glamping, but i’m not sure which one i’d pick overall. What do you think?


With a ready made tent, you have the luxury of not having to set up your space, so the holiday is set and ready to start quicker.

Generally, it’s warmer. When we’ve glamped, the weather has always been pretty bad, but we were given heaters both times. Because the space is usually one room, the heat is contained better. The glamping tents are thicker than camping tents so also better for keeping the heat in.

All the cutlery, pots and pans, and some bedding are normally supplied. Less luggage to take and therefore an easier car ride.

Home Comforts

Posher pods have electric hook up. You can take a few more home comforts such as chargers, hair dryer and straighteners. Most contain kettles and lighting too.

Head space! With a glamping pod, they are tall and homely. You can get dressed without having to lie down on a bed to shuffle your trousers on.

Having a home away from home that is cheaper than a hotel room with all the feels of nature is always going to be a plus point.

But there’s always that niggly feeling that the stuff isn’t yours. Eventually, it all needs cleaning and putting back how you found it. There’s a worry that the kids will be messy and break something. Maybe camping offers a better solution?


We’re lucky in that we have a huge 12 man Outwell tent. We can stand up in it, it has ample bedroom space for us, and we also make a kitchen area out of the front part. For a family of 5, it is perfect for a weeks holiday.

We love having all of our own equipment with us. No worries about losing or breaking something that is not ours.

Most items now come in a camping or caravan version. We have a stove, a collapsible sink, and even a wardrobe for the tent. It means for those longer holidays, we have more practical items to hand.

The kids love the novelty of camping. Never have they been so enthusiastic about washing up! Everything is done as a family and there are no grumbles about chores being handed out.

We do have electric hook up, but we’ve been without too. Its a dream to be able to switch off from the world around us and just be in each others company.


When camping on a site, there is a sense of community. Everybody talks to each other, kids mingle and make friends, there are no social class boundaries.

We also have a small tent from Decathlon that we use for one night pitch ups and wild camping. The freedom of just throwing the tent up and sleeping under the stars is captivating. It is truly an addictive hobby. To be in the wild, with the sounds of nature ricocheting around the tent. I would definitely recommend it.

You can camp abroad. Eurocamp have some fantastic prices for their tents. The experience of a holiday abroad for UK prices is nothing to be sniffed at.

And the best thing about camping is that you can pretty much do it anywhere and every where. All the equipment is a one off cost, as long as you do your research and buy well. We’ve found that if you pay a little bit more, you’ll get that better value for money. It’s a higher initial outlay, but if you look after your equipment, the cost will be repaid over time. Then it’s a case of grabbing your gear and heading to the nearest field to your destination.

Whichever you choose, there’s nothing better than being holed up together in close quarters, hearing every snore, inhaling every smell, while creating pure, simple family fun.

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