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The Wrekin with Kids

The Wrekin is our local. If we fancy a quick jaunt with a bit of an ascent, we will go to the Wrekin to stretch our legs.

The Wrekin with Kids

Located just off the M54 and in the Shropshire Area of Natural Beauty, the Wrekin is just over 400 metres high. A zig zag path leads straight to the summit.

We first climbed the Wrekin when Molly was 2, then returned many times over the last few years as a means to get outside. The most recent visit was a Saturday afternoon, after I had finished work at 4 o’clock. We arrived at 4.30, and was up and down in an hour and a half. It was just what we needed to blow off some steam and re-energize after a week of work and school.

As an easy starter to get the kids into hiking and walking, I would recommend the Wrekin if you are in Shropshire, or even beyond! With fantastic views over Telford, and even as far as Manchester on a good day!

A well marked out path starts at the base of the Wrekin, working it’s way gently upwards. The route is very popular with dog walkers and runners, so the path is well trodden. On rainy days it does get very muddy.

Halfway House

A halfway house on the way up the Wrekin offers refreshments and toilets, but we’ve never actually been in! We will go on our next visit and I will update the post on our experience.

Don’t forget to look out for the dinosaur footprints!

A few hundred yards from the top, it does get slightly loose underfoot. Be careful of this on the way back down as it does get a little slippy in places.


From the top, views are 360 degrees. There is a toposcope detailing areas around you and a trig point too. On a summers day, there’s nothing better than sitting with a picnic, watching the clouds roll by over the patchwork fields.

The Wrekin is very popular for the area so if you are visiting, be aware the car park can fill up quickly. To be honest, we tend to park along the road and walk our way to the start of the hill. There is a notice board with a map showing the hill fort that sits on the top. Now there also stands a broadcasting beacon that can be seen flashing a red light at night.

On a good day, we are up and down within an hour and a half, but I would recommend a good 3 hours for your first visit. The weather isn’t very changeable but it can get windy on the top. In the Autumn months you can forage the blackberries that grow on the way up, and the lavender bushes are lovely to photograph. Wear sensible shoes and make sure you have fun!

Have you been around the Wrekin?!

For more Shropshire walks, have a look at Caer Caradoc and Carding Mill Valley.

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