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Sutton Park – Birmingham Walks

Sutton Park – Birmingham Walks
Sutton Park is a massive open greenspace just 6 miles north of Birmingham city centre. Many people, (myself included) believe that Birmingham is full of traffic, shopping centres and generally devoid of any kind of nature space. But, I am wrong! While tackling our 40 miles challenge for the Wildlife Trusts, we came across Sutton Park.

Car Parking at Sutton Park

With a choice of 10, yes 10! car parks, even on the busiest days, you will be guaranteed a parking spot. We parked at Banners gate, which is free. There are toilets and a coffee stop here. Postcode B73 6JX.

I cannot give you a route to take, because honestly, the park covers 2,400 acres, and has routes in and out of the woodland. There are tracks all over the place! Sutton Park is great for exploration, with fields, woods and many ponds to walk around. Cycle route 534 cuts through a portion of the park, with other accessible routes marked out. There is a bridleway path too, with all byways clearly marked by signage.

Pedalos For Hire

We made our way to Blackroot Water, completely opposite where we parked. On the water, there are pedalos for hire. We jumped on a 4 seater, with Molly squashed in the middle and had 30 minutes pedalling and floating around the lake. Great fun! The prices were very reasonable, £8 for a 2-seater or £12 for a 4-seater, for half an hour on the water.

There are 7 pools to find, one golf course, a donkey sanctuary, a Toby Carvery and a Miller and Carter. You could stay in Sutton Park all day and have all your needs catered for!

There are 2 play areas for children, one at Banners Gate and one at Town Gate. To align the park with COVID safety measures, there are hand washing points at most entrances.

All The Things To Do at Sutton Park

I honestly can’t believe there are so many things to do here. And for there to be such a mass of wildlife in the middle of Birmingham, is such a surprise.

I think we will be back to cover some more ground and explore more of the park at some point. If anything, to try and find the wild roaming ponies in the north of the park, and to find out how many species of wildlife we can find!

Have you been to Sutton Park – Birmingham Walks? What interesting things have you found?

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