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March Round Up

March has certainly been the most active month for us so far in 2019. We’ve been exploring new places and old favourites and had a few exciting experiences too.

Sunday 3rd March

For quite a while, we had arranged with my mom and brother to visit the Bleaklow airplane crash site in the Peak District. Finally we managed to secure a date and we headed there on the first Sunday of the month. It was a lovely time to catch up with my brother, who lives in Sheffield and to get my mom active and outdoors. I never thought I’d see the day she willingly wore hiking boots!

The walk was great, the kids were entertained by the different faces and we learned a lesson or two about humility and seizing the day. Bleaklow is home to a number of airplane wrecks, the largest being the ‘Over Exposed’ bomber that crashed in 1948. It was very humbling to be stood in the same spot where 13 crew member lost their lives on a foggy day in November. You can read more about our hike here.

Sunday 10th March

Geocaching is completely new to us so I thought we could give it a try. I downloaded the app onto my phone and headed to Cannock Chase, a large forestry commission piece of land, local to us. I expected there to be lots of geocaching to be done, but there were none to be found! There was a small hidden item in a village just outside if Cannock chase so we followed it out. I was so excited to find the treasure, and the kids loved it too. For a free way to get outside, i thought this was a very entertaining idea.

We tied in the Zog trail too and also took part in an online game with the ‘gofindit‘ game community. The kids were overloaded with things to do and it kept them busy for a good few hours. As we go to Cannock Chase quite often, it was nice to change up the activities slightly.

Sunday 17th March

As we are planning another Hikerkidz meet up through Instagram, we needed to plan a route. I used my Ordnance Survey app and marked out a trail from Lud’s Church to the roaches. We started at the Lud’s Church car park and walked the 5 mile route, coming back the same way that we went. We encountered all weather seasons! there was warm sunshine on our backs, hail pelting our faces, a slight drizzle of rain, winds to knock us off our feet, and we even threw a snowball or two. What a strange and wonderful day! Lud’s Church is a mesmorising place to visit and i recommend it to fuel any little imaginations.

Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th March

We went Wild Camping! This was a completely new experience for us. It was quite daunting as we didn’t know if we would manage to pull it off. I mean, 5 people in one tent, on the side of a mountain? But, huzzah for us, we did it! We packed; one tent, 5 sleeping bags, an air bed and lots of food into 5 bags and walked up the side of Coniston Old man in the lake district. Not before summiting the 2,634ft fell first.

We slept fairly sporadically, but the views and the tranquil quiet in the morning was all worth it. The kids woke up happy, with adventure in their hearts and a great memory for the bank.

On Sunday, we explored the great Cathedral Caves in Little Langdale. Echoing their way through, the kids ran around while Finley threw his precious rocks into the water. Simple things please simple minds. He’s as happy as pig in poo with a puddle and a stick! There were tunnels to be hunted and rocks to be climbed, which we did with great enthusiasm. A fantastic weekend for our first time in the Lakes.

Sunday 31st March

This one is a quiet weekend of catching up with homework, housework and normal kid playtime. I’ve promised a day of park activities and a nice slap up Sunday Roast. Only question is… as it’s Mothering Sunday; who is going to cook it?!

March has been a great month of explorations and adventure. We have lots of good memories and have had so many laughs. I feel as though, as a family, we are getting closer, and learning how to be around one another.

Fingers crossed it continues!


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