Kenya – A Mountain to Climb

Kenya – A Mountain To Climb. AD – Gifted

Rod Wood writes of his story to climb the second highest peak in Africa. 5 years after conquering Kilimanjaro, the call was strong to return and conquer yet another summit of strength. But is it purely physical, or does Rod have other motives for his mission?

As a family who knows the benefits of getting outdoors for better mental health, I was excited to read how Rod got on with his adventure. I identify with the story from the start as places in the book are already known to me, so the familiarity of the locations make it an easy read.

In the beginning, things weren’t going quite to plan and I worried Rod wouldn’t make it to his destination. Ultimately everything works out and he set off on his way, all be it not quite as originally planned.

Rods physical journey took him to the plains of Africa where he met with guides who escorted him on his ascent to Mount Kenya. I will leave you to read how he got on and whether the mountain was conquered!

After The Climb

After the climb, Rod writes about his passion for animals. Being a vet, his concern grows for the welfare of the farmers and the animals on the land around him. Rod embarks on a safari around the African tundra, seeing rare species and the Big Five in their natural habitat.

If I had considered a safari before, it is a definite plan now. Reading about Rods voyage through Mara and the Ambesoli Game Park, makes the allure of an African adventure even more appealing.

Rod writes the book from a first hand perspective. He describes his experience in perfect detail and you become familiar with his surroundings, and also of the people he speaks to. Rods confidence of undertaking such a tremendous adventure on his own, is reflected in his friendships and his writing.


I really enjoyed Kenya – A Mountain To Climb, and I am looking to get my hands on Kilimanjaro – My Story. I would like to know how Rods thirst for adventure first started. There is a bit too much in terms of politics for my liking in Kenya – A Mountain To Climb. But then I like to be pretty ignorant when it comes down to the political state of affairs. It really sets the scene though, of Africa’s struggle to survive the balance of nature and tourism. Rod’s commitment to Africa continues and he will return in due course for his help in Send A Cow. A program where farmers from the UK spend time with farmers in Africa and teach them how to use their resources effectively and efficiently.

How To Get Your Copy Of The Book

If you would like to get your hands on a copy, Rod’s book is available on Amazon. It is available in either an e-book or paperback edition. Click on the link below for details!

Disclaimer – I was sent a copy of Kenya – A mountain To Climb. We love to read in this house and I happily read the book for the purpose of review. All words, pictures, and opinions are my own.


  1. I hope I have given an insight into my love of East Africa/ Kenya, its wildlife and some of the problems it faces. As well as my mountain climb and its affect on me.
    I hope all of you if you do decide to read it, enjoy the book and take as much out of the country as I did, a real experience.

    1. Thank you. The book was a great read, and clearly gave us a good picture of Kenya and beyond. I’m looking forward to reading about your next adventures.

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