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How To Care for Feet While Hiking

How To Care For Feet While Hiking

This year, to date, we have covered at least 300 miles over the course of our outdoor activities. In all weather conditions, from snow and ice to sweltering sunshine. As our feet get cold and wet, then hot and wet, it starts to take a toll on how they feel. Read on to find out how to care for feet while hiking.

I hate feet. With a passion! I can just about touch Molly’s feet, but as the kids get older, there’s only so much I can, or will do! They all learn how to cut their own toe nails by the time they are 6! I don’t tend to care for my own feet, but lately, with the amount of walking we have been doing, it is needed.

The Right Shoe

I start off with making sure our shoes are waterproof and weather proofed. The kids have these shoes from Decathlon while I have snow boots, for when we went to Scotland. Dicky has a pair of army issue boots, given to him by his brother, who is in the army. They keep his feet protected, warm and dry.

For the summer, we purchased Salomon running shoes, with quick drying mesh technology to keep feet aired. The kids have open toed sandals to let their feet breathe.

We have shoes for in the water, to be honest I just buy cheap and cheerful as the kids don’t use them too regular, and they grow so fast, it’s hard to keep up!

Waterproofing and cleaning helps keep our shoes in tip top condition.

For foot aftercare, there’s nothing better than a foot mask and a soak in the tub after a long hike. We use foot masks to keep our skin soft and to stop any hard callouses from forming.

Bamboo Socks

After a hot foot treatment, we put our tootsies into these #gifted bamboo socks from the Sock Shop. They’re super soft, skin-friendly and have natural antibacterial properties that prevent odour. 
I’ve honestly never felt socks so soft, they are lovely and with so many colours and designs to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. If you would like some for yourself, the lovely people at Sock Shop have given me a discount code for you guys. FamilyOfFive10 gives you 10% off their entire shop. You can access their website here.

Foot First Aid

For any treatments needed, we rely on blister plasters if we come across any rubbing. I always carry a first aid kit complete with fabric plasters if the kids get caught out with their shoes. They always rub slightly until they are worn in, especially for Finley, who is a prolific Tip Toe-er!

I have a little foot care pack, complete with athletes foot cream for any itching, talcum powder to dry out any sweaty bits and odour remover for smelly shoes. Can you guess who’s feet smell the worst?!

These feet carry us to the most beautiful places, so it is important to take care of our feet while hiking. The weather conditions can change so quickly, we walk over bogs and rocks and even through rivers, so we must make sure we don’t hurt ourselves in the process.

Walking poles can also take the weight off our feet at times, and help with knee support whilst scrambling here and there.

With regular rests and airing of little toes, they will carry us for 500 miles. And hopefully 500 more!

You can read about more tips and tricks for hiking, such as what food to take and how to dress for cold weather on our tips and tricks section!

Disclaimer – Some links contain affiliate links which earn me a few pennies, but at no cost to you. The socks were gifted as part of a review, but we will never be dishonest about any product. We genuinely loved the Bamboo Socks!


  1. Great advice here! I remember when I used to go hiking in the lake district and if you didn’t take care of your feet as you mention above it would cause you some right problems!

  2. My friend would find this useful she likes to hike. I tend to carry plasters when I go out most places as I’ve got 3 kids and they don’t need to go far before needing one.

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