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HikerKidz at Luds Church

Luds Church in the Peak District is such a magical place to visit. So it only seemed right that we held a HikerKidz meet there. This is our 2nd meet of the year and I was very nervous to see who showed up. Overall we ended up with 3 other families and 12 kids including ours.

The walk starts at Gradbach car park and winds up a path past the scout camp and up towards the entrance to Luds Church. It is hidden away but not too hard to miss. The kids were shy with each other at first, but soon the nervousness wore off and they were chatting away like old friends.

Finding the Entrance

Getting in to Luds Church is a bit tricky, due to the cavern descending down slippy rocks and across a boggy pit! We all helped each other along, to make sure nobody fell and eventually came out to the true beauty of the chamber.

Everybody ooh’d and ahh’d along the moss covered walls and stood in silence listening to….nothing! The magic of Luds Church was not lost on us today. I spoke with some of the families and told them of the myths and fables surrounding the area, mostly about Sir Gawain and his Green Knight.

The kids climbed up the cavern walls and had a good mooch around. They were laughing and chatting away and doing all the things that kids should be doing. We stopped for a bite to eat after climbing out of the other side of the cave.

The weather was good to us and everybody was feeling a buzz from being outdoors and getting along with each other.


As we headed back, we stopped by the river for a drink. The kids took it upon their selves to start rolling down the grass verge and soon all of the children were laughing, running and sliding down the small hill. I stood back and took it all in. This is why I set up the meet. This is why I want all the kids to be outdoors. For the simplest and purest kind of fun. With no screens, distractions or limits on their ability. It was perfect.

Finally it was time to lead back to the cars and say our goodbyes. We ended on a high, with smiles on our faces and new friends. The kids had their goody bags and we all promised to do it again.

Which we have! Why not read about the next meet up. HikerKidz at Padley Gorge.

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